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GUIDELINES ON GREENERY PROVISION AND TREE CONSERVATION FOR DEVELOPMENTS Guidelines on Greenery Provision and Tree Conservation for Developments Version 3Published by:Greenery & Development Planning BranchNational Parks BoardALL RIGHTS RESERVED© 2019 National Parks BoardNo part of this publication may be reproduced in any form: electronic or otherwise, without the written permission from the publisher or author.National Parks Board (NParks) guidelines will be updated periodically at any time and such changes may take effect immediately. You should therefore try not to print out any page from this Handbook. Check the Handbook regularly to ensure that you are following the most current version. SUMMARY OF CONTENTS12345678910IntroductionConservation of Trees/PlantsGreenery Provision within PremisesGreenery Provision for RoadsidePlanting Specifications of Trees/Palms/Shrubs/Hedges/TurfOpen Space for Landed Housing DevelopmentsCertificate of Statutory Completion (CSC)Submission ProceduresSel...