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Gustav Klimt Artist Slide Script Gustav Klimt Slide Script Pre-slides: Focus slide; “And now, it’s time for Art Lit” Slide 1: Words We Will Use Today Mosaics: Mosaics use many tiny pieces of colored glass, shiny stones, gold, and silver to make intricate images and patterns. Art Nouveau: this means New Art - a style of decorative art, architecture, and design popular in Western Europe and the US from about 1890 to 1910. It’s recognized by flowing lines and curves. Patrons: Patrons are men and women who support the arts by purchasing art, commissioning art, or by sponsoring or providing a salary to an artist so they can continue making art. Slide 2 – Gustav Klimt Gustav Klimt was a master of eye popping pattern and metallic color. Art Nouveau (noo-vo) artists like Klimt used bright colors and swirling, flowing lines and believed art could symbolize something beyond what appeared on the canvas. When asked why he never painted a self-portrait, Klimt said, “There is nothing special about m...