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38the American GardenerALL PHOTOGRAPHS BY SHAWNA CORONADO FROM 101 ORGANIC GARDENING HACKS, COURTESY OF COOL SPRINGS PRESS.38the American GardenerHACKING IS the concept of breaking traditional rules to discover a creative way to accomplish something—a clever trick that saves cash for the thrifty or solves a problem elegantly. Whether the hack is for gardening, computing, cooking, or anything in between, “hacking” your way through daily challenges is fast becoming a new lifestyle choice because the best hacks are easy, smart, and they save us money.My garden has always been a hotbed for green and organic garden hacks. With a limited budget, I am constantly on the lookout for alternative ways to build a useful, beautiful, low-cost, and low-input garden. Here I offer a couple of hacks I’ve discovered for creating a lovely patio area with reclaimed sand, bricks, and stones.Hack a Small PatioBY SHAWNA CORONADOYou can easily create a beautiful garden space for relaxing and entertaining witho...