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NORTH-WESTERN JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY 10 (1): 190-209 ©NwjZ, Oradea, Romania, 2014 Article No.: 143501 http://biozoojournals.ro/nwjz/index.html Haematology of amphibians and reptiles: a review Hüseyin ARIKAN and Kerim ÇİÇEK* Ege University, Faculty of Science, Biology Department, Zoology Section, TR-35100, Bornova-Izmir, Turkey. *Corresponding author, K. Çiçek, E-mail’s: [email protected], [email protected] Received: 22. January 2013 / Accepted: 19. October 2013 / Available online: 28. January 2014 / Printed: June 2014 Abstract. In this review, function and composition of blood, haemopoiesis, morphology, number and size of blood cells (erythrocytes, leukocytes and thrombocytes), and intra/extracellular blood parasites of amphibians and reptiles are revised by utilizing the literature knowledge. Key words: Amphibia, Reptilia, blood cells, plasma, haemopoiesis, blood parasites. Introduction In old Greek, haemat means blood and /o/-logy means investigation or examination. Thus, haem...