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80 Book ReviewTROPICAL LEPIDOPTERATROPICAL LEPIDOPTERA, 10(2): 80-82 (1999)BOOK REVIEWHANDBOOK OF ZOOLOGY. 35. Lepidoptera, Moths and ButterfliesVolume 1: Evolution, Systematics, and Biogeographyedited by Niels P. Kristensen1999. Walter de Gruyter & Co., Berlin. 487pp (21 x 30cm). DM 398.00 ($249.00) cloth. ISBN 3-11-015704-7.(Vol. 4. Arthropoda: Insecta, in Handbuch der Zoologie series, Part 35)The present Handbuch is the 35th volume in the long-runningGerman-language series, started in the early 1900s. The first Lepidopteratreatment (by Zerny and Beier), in the original Handbuch der Zoologieseries, was published in 1936-38. The current 1999 version, for the post-war second Handbuch series, is up-to-date as of the mid-1990s withsome added changes up to 1997, and is the first part dealing with theevolution and classification of the order, to be followed by a second parton morphology and physiology. The old Handbuch series was inGerman. The current Lepidoptera volume is entirely in Engl...