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Haringey Design Awards 2016www.haringey.gov.uk/designawardswww.haringey.gov.uk 2Haringey Council is pleased to announce the results of the Haringey Design Awards 2016.These awards are a key part of our commitment to promote, encourage and foster thoughtful and exciting design within Haringey. They provide an excellent opportunity to recognise and raise awareness of high quality buildings and places that make a positive contribution to Haringey’s built environment.As well as celebrating great buildings and places the awards help develop links with stakeholders, and bring together local people, architects, developers and planners to participate in wider discussions and debate around design.We will continue to promote thoughtful and exciting design in Haringey through policy such as the Haringey Development Charter, the 1st policy in our new Development Management Policies, as well as initiatives such as the Design Awards and the Quality Review Panel, and by demanding high design standard...