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Harmony and disharmony as the architectural appearance features of the city Irina Mayatskaya*, Batyr Yazyev, and Svetlana Yazyeva Don State Technical University, 344022, Rostov-on-Don, Russia Abstract. Architecture in the world obeys the laws of symmetry and asymmetry, harmony and disharmony, and, of course, the principles of the golden section. The use of digital technology and innovation allows modern architects to design the structures that have a harmonious style and harmoniously fit into the environment. It is necessary to widely introduce the three-dimensional modeling methods into practice for more effective modern cities’ architectural appearance creation. 1 Introduction The architecture of a modern city is very diverse, has multifaceted and unique forms that are characteristic of this particular urban environment [1-4]. It should be noted that the architecture of many cities in the world is subject to the laws of harmony and disharmony. The architecture of the city, like music...