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Hate and Offensive Speech Detection in Hindi Twitter Corpus Ishali Jadhav, Aditi Kanade, Vishesh Waghmare and Deptii Chaudhari Hope Foundation's International Institute of Information Technology, Pune, India Abstract Nowadays, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook emerge as user-friendly and accessible sources for people to express their voice. Everybody, irrespective of their age group, uses these sites to share every moment of their life, making these sites flooded with data. This has led to many positive outcomes. At the same time, it has brought risks and harms as these sites set no restrictions. The volume of hate speech is not manageable by humans. As part of the HASOC-2021 shared task on information retrieval, we, Team Ignite, address the problem of hate speech identification in the Hindi corpus. Subtask A aims to identify binary hate or non-hate speech. This work was further extended with subtask B to determine the result of subtask A into three categories: profane, offe...