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10 Noir City Sentinel Nov / Dec 2009He was born Jacob JuliusGarfinkle, a poor Jewish kidfrom the Lower East Side ofNew York City. He spent some time instreet gangs and ended up in a Bronxschool for troubled youth. After win-ning a state debating contest, heattended drama school and hit the stageas a member of the Group Theater. Itwasn’t long before Hollywood camecourting and cast him in MichaelCurtiz’s smash hit Four Daughtersin1938. Overnight he became a moviestar. The legend of John Garfield wasborn.Thirteen years later, it ended witha thud. Accused of being a Communistand hounded by the House Un-Ameri-can Activities Committee, Garfield diedof a heart attack, a frightened, brokenman. It was a terrible way to go, buthe’d already amassed an impressivebody of work that would outlive him.He had made a special mark in the darkunderworld of film noir, lusting afterLana Turner in The Postman AlwaysRings Twice (1946), boxing his way toredemption in Body and Soul (1947),and losing everything ...