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HCAD-2021 ANNUAL REPORT 1 HCAD Annual Report Henderson County Appraisal District 2021 ANNUAL REPORT HCAD-2021 ANNUAL REPORT 2 HCAD Annual Report Introduction The Henderson County Appraisal District is a political subdivision of the state. The Constitution of the State of Texas, the Texas Property Tax Code, and the Rules of the Texas Comptroller’s Property Tax Assistance Division govern the operations of the appraisal district. Mission The mission of Henderson County Appraisal District is to discover, list and appraise property as accurately, ethically and impartially as possible in order to estimate the market value of all property within the boundaries of the district for ad valorem tax purposes. The district must make sure that each taxpayer is given the same consideration, information, and assistance as the next. This will be done by administering the laws under the property tax system and operating under the standards of: • The Property Tax Assistance Division of the Texas State Co...