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The GuardianMarch 12, 2014G A G O S I A N G A L L E R YHigh heels and pink pitchforks adorn Chatsworth house lawnsGiant objects in the gardens of one of Britain's grandest houses form part of an exhibition byartist Michael Craig-MartinMark BrownMichael Craig-Martin's giant high-heel at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for TheGuardian./Christopher ThomondA giant high-heeled shoe has been planted in the gardens of one of Britain's grandest houses,near the out-sized purple, orange and blue umbrellas.The objects at Chatsworth house are the work of artist Michael Craig-Martin who on Wednesdayrecalled first being asked to stage an exhibition at the stately home. "I thought that would benice, I'll just have a few sculptures. In the end what's happened is it's become one of the mostimportant projects of my career."There are three strands to Craig-Martin at Chatsworth, the Derbyshire home of the Duke andDuchess of Devonshire. In the gardens he has installed 12 giant...