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Hindi (HINDI) 1Hindi (HINDI)CoursesExpand all course descriptions [+]Collapse all course descriptions [-]HINDI 1A Introductory Hindi 5 UnitsTerms offered: Fall 2022, Fall 2021, Fall 2020This course emphasizes development of the full range of Hindi languageskills: reading, listening, comprehension, the use of grammaticalstructures, and oral and written communication—through a variety oflearning themes. Individual and small group activities, interactive workand multimedia-based activities reinforce language skills and providethe platform for adapting the curriculum to specific student learninggoals. Use of graded exercises and readings drawn from Hindi literature,leads to the mastery of grammatical structures, essential vocabulary andachievement of basic reading and writing competence.Introductory Hindi: Read More [+]Rules & RequirementsCredit Restrictions: Students who have passed HIN-URD 1A do not getcredit for HINDI 1AHours & FormatFall and/or spring: 15 weeks - 5 hours of lecture per...