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23rd International Congress of Byzantine Studies – BelgradeLanguage and Society:Historical Sociolinguistic Patterns in the Greek of Late Byzantine HistoriansThursday, August 25, 2016A Round Table convened by Andrea Massimo Cuomo and Niels GaulSpeakersAndrea M. CuomoLanguage and Society: Historical Sociolinguistic Patterns in Medieval Greek.A Thematic Introduction to the Round TableKlaas BenteinHistorical Sociolinguistics: How and Why? Some Observations fromGreek Documentary PapyriStefano ValenteEducation and Lexicography in the Palaiologan Age: Some Short RemarksIsabella ProiettiByzantine Text-Books as a Major Source for Historical Sociolinguistic Studieson Medieval GreekStaffan WahlgrenDatabase Design and Sociolinguistics: Considerations for ByzTec(The Byzantine Tagged Electronic Corpus)Divna ManolovaRegulating the Page, Guiding the Experience: Practices of Textual Organizationin Nikephoros Gregoras’ Roman HistoryAslıhan AkışıkLaonikos Chalkokondyles’ Revolutionary Classicizing and Au...