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Learning Outcome 1. Understand the current framework for care within the UK 1.1 Explain the current legislation, guidance and Code of Practice which govern care within the UK. 1.2 Evaluate the impact that the current national framework has upon service users History of Health and Social Care Legislation: Transcript We’ve seen already that legislation such as the Care Act of 2014 and the Equality Act of 2010 has a huge impact on the working practices and user-experiences of everyone involved in health and social care. These two acts both consolidate hundreds of other laws into one act. These are just some of the latest examples of reform of care legislation. In this short video, we’ll have a look at a timeline of previous reforms in health and social care, and see how changes in the past have led us to where we are today. The 19th Century and workhouses Let’s begin in 1834 with the New Poor Law. Poor laws had already been around for centuries as a way to provide relief from poverty for ...