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revised_6.27 Page 1 of 3HL 4024 Advanced Studies in Contemporary Literature(AY 2020/2021, Semester 1)Assistant Professor Michelle [email protected] meets Wednesday 9.30am – 12.30pm SHHK (HSS) Seminar Room 9Office hours by appointmentCourse Description and ObjectivesHL 4024: Advanced Studies in Contemporary Literature engages with issues of form, narration,artistic echoes, aesthetics, intermediality, and adaptation in contemporary long-form narrativesincluding the novel, graphic novel, film, and drama to examine how the text’s developingnarrative progression foregrounds subjectivity, shifting notions of identity, ethical issues and soon. We engage with a range of contemporary issues including bioethics in Kazuo Ishiguro’sNever Let Me Go (2005); temporal, genre, and medium fluidities in Jennifer Egan’s A Visit fromthe Goon Squad (2001); and intertextual allusions in Marina Carr’s Ariel (2002).Given the lively and ever-shifting nature of concerns and texts that dominate co...