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July2014Delaware Beach Life 5958Delaware Beach LifeJuly 2014Milton designs span centuries and architectural movements, often in the same houseThis Queen Anne home on Federal Street,typical of late 19th-century VICTORIANarchitecture, features a turret, or smalltower, and a wraparound porch.Situated on the banks of the Broadkill River, Milton is not unlikemost old towns. Its history is rich, and various industries — fromshipping and shipbuilding to button-making and canning — shapedits demographics, culture and architecture. What is special aboutMilton, named after English poet John Milton in 1807, is its eclecticassortment of homes and buildings, reflecting centuries of varyingarchitectural styles. “We have an incredibly wide variety of architecture for such asmall town,” says Allison Schell, executive director of the MiltonHistorical Society & Museum. “You can literally walk down thestreet and see two or three completely different architectural stylesin one block.”To the untrained ey...