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4The Scholarship Foundation Stephanie Regagnon is an expert at finding hope in the midst of challenge, and she works hard to channel her energy into something positive.ava’s grace:Hope FloatsStephanie Regagnon 5AT 27, STEPHANIE WAS BUILDING HER LIFE as an agriculture executive and planning for a family. Unexpectedly, she also found herself visiting prison after her mother was incarcerated. During her visits, she noticed children visiting their parents and realized that their young age meant it was much harder to overcome absence of a parent. When her daughter was born six months after her mother went to prison, Stephanie found herself fighting sadness and depression. Wanting to find a way to help, she founded a scholarship program for students with incarcerated parents or guardians. When she created Ava’s Grace Scholarship Program, named for her daughter, in 2010, Stephanie knew she wanted to serve students, but she had no experience running a nonprofit or raising funds. She found the ...