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photocredit88 Austin Home Fall 2011hovercraftInvokIng a playful, sky-hIgh floatIng motIf, an ultra-modern house takes flIghtBy Becca hensleyphotos By tre dunhamphotocreditFall 2011 Austin Home 89 With floor-to-ceiling windows, the Mulvas’ living room appears to hover as daughter Emily peers down toward Bull Creek. 90 Austin Home Fall 2011riving through Austin’s Court-yard neighborhood, it could be said that the ultra-contemporary house of civil engineer Stephen Mulva and wife Megan, a former Delta Airlines engineer, floats amid the boxy 1980s-style limestone houses that dominate the area. In fact, with its clean, low lines and a shallow, square entryway reflecting pool sur-rounded by cattails, papyrus and tall grasses, it could even be said that the house, which is featured on this year’s AIA Austin Homes Tour on Oct. 1-2, appears to drift.What’s wilder, though, is that once you start looking closely at the interior, the whole float-ing metaphor starts to unravel. Nearly every-thing se...