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How architectsuse research – case studies from practice 2How architects use research – case studies from practiceHow architects use research© RIBA 2014 3Foreword 4Executive summary 6Key themes 8Case studies 171: Pierre Maré Architects 182: Sofie Pelsmakers 243: Axis Design Architects 284: Avery Associates Architects 34 5: Hyde and Hyde 406: Design Engine 447: HLM Architects 50 8: PRP Architects 56Research methods 62How architects use researchContents 4ForewordWhat do architects understand research to be? How do architects use research? When and how do architects undertake research in their practices? What research knowledge do practising architects need? How does research bring value to architects’ practices and their clients? How do architects connect with research from academic and other research organisations?For practicing architects research can be a difficult concept to pin down and define. It is a term which can mean different things to different people, but what is clear is tha...