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McCulloch County Appraisal District HOW IS MY HOME APPRAISED? The standard of tax appraisal in Texas is market value, the price that a property would typically sell for, if exposed to the market for a reasonable time and with normal motivations of the buyer and seller. The appraisal district is required to appraise homes between 95‐105% of market value or schools in McCulloch County may face funding loss from the Texas Education Agency. The district begins the process of appraisal by “classing” each home based on its cost. Local costs to build are the basis of the schedules incorporated into the district’s computer system. The software is called a computer‐assisted mass appraisal system (CAMA). Very plain homes have a lower cost per square foot while very nice homes have a substantially higher cost. For example, the living area of a very nice home may have a cost of $100.00 per square foot to build while a plain home may have a cost of $55.00 per square foot. The classes of homes are b...