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How to Build a Wet or Dry Creek Bed Landscaping projects that include wet or dry creek beds have become popular for many reasons. For some, controlling water drainage in the yard is a necessity. For others, a dry creek bed is simply a creative addition to the yard. Perhaps you have an area in your yard that is useless because the area always floods or the space is difficult to landscape. A dry or wet creek bed is an ideal solution. Step 1 Plan the course and location of the creek bed. If you are constructing a wet creek bed spend some time watching your water runoff during a rainstorm to determine where the runoff starts and ends. The creek bed does not have to be a straight line. You can construct it to look like a meandering stream; it will still capture the runoff and carry it away. You can build a pond at the end of the creek bed or have it end in the woods further from the house or toward a drainage ditch, depending on your yard options and personal preference. Step 2 Use marking ...