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Page 1 of 12 How to File a 2020 Tax Return Online for Free Using TurboTax Situation: Someone with only Social Security benefits in 2020 1. Through the IRS Free File program, you can access 9 brands of tax software to prepare and file your taxes online, all free of charge. Of the 9 brands, TurboTax can be a good option. To reach the IRS Free File page for TurboTax, go to freefile.intuit.com 2. To get started with TurboTax, scroll down the page then click the orange button that says, “I qualify. Let’s get started.” 3. You will be taken to the sign-in screen for TurboTax. If you have never used TurboTax before, then click on the blue link towards the bottom of the sign-in box that says, “Create an account”. Page 2 of 12 4. To create an account, you will fill out the information on the screen – keep in mind a few things: a. Remember to write down all of the information you are using to create this account so you have that information ready in case you need it in the future b. Once you ente...