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|How-To Install PaversWhether it's in the Land of Oz of your own back yard, there's something magical about a brick path -especially if it leads to a sunny, spacious patio. Don't get me wrong; there's nothing magical abouthow patios get built. They take loads of energy and muscle power. They require careful planning fromthe first shovelful of dirt thrown to the last paver laid. But you'll get what you work for: a beautiful, usable, outdoor space that will last a lifetime. Our Patio is "dry-laid", meaning there's no wet concrete used, just precast concrete pavers laid on abed of sand. Ours is a large ambitious project with curves, paths and steps. We circled trees, loopedaround landscaping beds and linked together two decks. Every patio is different - the one you build may be larger, smaller, squarer or rounder. The good newsis everything you need to know about building any dry-laid patio is right here.THE BEST DESIGN FOR YOU AND YOUR YARDWhether you're a novice or experienced DIYer, yo...