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HUMAN BEHAVIOUR IN PUBLIC SPACES By VENETIN AGHOSTIN-SANGAR THESIS Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Planning within the Faculty of the Built Environment at the University of New South Wales, 2007 Sydney, NSW i FACULTY OF THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT BACHELOR OF PLANNING Declaration Relating to Disposition of Undergraduate Thesis This is to certify that I, Venetin Aghostin-Sangar, being a student for the degree of Bachelor of Planning, am aware that the University reserves the right to retain at its own discretion the copy of my thesis submitted for examination. I consent to the thesis being placed in the Faculty Library, to be consulted there and to part(s) of this thesis being quoted in manuscripts or typescripts for the purpose of scholarship or research, provided my authorship is acknowledged. In the light of the Copyright Act (1968) I declare that I wish to grant the University further permission for the following actions provided my author...