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LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATION CENTRE HW5018 Effective Communication in the Global Workplace Last updated October 5, 2021 Page 1 | 4 Academic year : Year 3 and 4 Academic units : 2 AUs Pre-requisite : Nil Tutorial hours : 24 CONTENT This course aims to equip students with professional communication skills that will enable them to successfully meet the demands of the 21st century global workplace. The course is developed on the premise that effective communication in both speaking and writing is of major importance in achieving successful professional relationships and career advancement. Through the use of case studies and role-plays complemented by digital technology, the course will provide opportunities for students to hone their spoken and written competencies in the context of professional communication. LEARNING OUTCOMES Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to: 1. use digital technologies effectively to convey corporate messages; 2. write different types of...