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I. Art of Yash Chopra’s Film Yash Chopra was born on 27th September 1932, in Jalandhar [Panjab]. He started out as an assistant to his brother and went on to direct five very successful films for his brother‟s banner B.R. Films. But his greatest repertoire for work has been around 30 films made under the auspices of his own company, Yash Raj Films. Out of these he has directed 12 films himself, while the others have been directed by younger directors under his supervision and administrative acumen as one of India‟s greatest producers arguably. He can be called India‟s most successful confluence of creativity and administrative genius as he dons his two hats as a director and a producer. As a director his specialty has been romance. He possesses a rare aesthetic knack of making his films look larger than life. His hallmark has always been the presentation of his screenplay embellished with gorgeous locations, snow- capped mountains, lakes and rivers, beautiful women draped in the most g...