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blogs.lse.ac.ukhttp://blogs.lse.ac.uk/lsereviewofbooks/2014/03/12/book-review-i-met-lucky-people-the-story-of-the-romani-gypsies-matras/Book Review: I Met Lucky People: The Story of the RomaniGypsies by Yaron MatrasAs one of the last remaining societies in the Western hemisphere with a strictly oral culture, the Romani peoplehave no written record of their history that can be consulted. From the early 1990s, linguist Yaron Matras hasbeen working with the these groups, one of a handful of people to have done so. Travelling widely in central andeastern Europe, studying their language and learning their dialects, he has witnessed their campaign forrecognition. In I Met Lucky People Matras aims to give readers a comprehensive account of their culture,language and history. It is great to see a book that offers in-depth information about the customs and traditions ofRomani Gypsies as this may contribute to dispelling negative discourses which continue to socially excludedifferent Traveller c...