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54Intercultural Communication Studies XXIII: 1 (2014) Radwańska -williamsIconicity of Personal Pronouns in Pushkin’s Lyric PoemsJoanna Radwańska -WilliamsMacao Polytechnic Institute, Macao S.A.R., ChinaAbstract: Poetic iconicity, the phenomenon of close correspondence between verbalmeaning and form, is related to what Roman Osipovich Jakobson (1970) termed the“subliminal verbal patterning” of poetry, and the “poetic function” of language. Poeticiconicity helps to construct the poet’s vision (Hiraga, 2005). This paper examines athematic cluster of lyric poems by Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. In these poems, thepersonal pronouns “I” ( я) and “thou” ( ты) serve to foreground love relationships.This dynamic of love in various guises underlies the dramatic tension of the poems.Poetic iconicity, the “subliminal verbal patterning” of poetry, gives musical voice tothis spiritual dynamic.Keywords: Lyric poetry, pragmatics of personal pronouns, poetic function, poeticiconicity, Alexander Sergeev...