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Mital Desai / International Journal of Research In Humanities and Social Sciences Vol. 1, Sp. Issue:1, March 2013 (IJRHS) ISSN:2320-771X 1 Online International, Referred Reviewed & Indexed Monthly Journal www.raijmr.com RET Academy for International Journals of Multidisciplinary Research (RAIJMR) Impact of Ancient Literature on Modern Literature MITAL DESAI Each individual and thing is made very specific or unique by God in this world. Each one has to perform diverse roles or activities during the whole drama of life. In that short life drama, it is very improper to consider one person’s performance the best or the worst. Each individual has his own place or position in the world. Like this each thing and event has its own place or position in the world. None is inferior to the other. It is said, “Every star is great in its own orbit.” This shows the superiority or excellence of everyone and everything in each field. Nothing or no one is inferior or lower. We cannot judge any people or...