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WITHRESPECTTOOLDAGE– RESEARCHVOLUME351INTRODUCTIONThis paper aims to explore the extent to which the objectives of the communitycare reforms, implemented via the NHS and Community Care Act 1990, have beenachieved in relation to carers. It draws predominantly on material published since1990, and particularly since 1993, on the assumption that this will reflect theexperiences of carers since the community care reforms. However, the paper isalso informed by the extensive literature on carers and caring which pre-dates fullimplementation. The evaluation literature in this area is limited. What follows draws largely on SSIinspections and central monitoring (and self-monitoring), relatively small scaleresearch projects, and campaigning organisations’ own surveys. This smallresearch base may account for mixed messages about the impact of the changesfor carers, but I also argue that this may also reflect essential contradictions inpolicy for carers.POLICY PRESCRIPTIONS AND CONTRADICTIONSTo und...