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Implementing sample management software for the first time - Mosaic SampleBank™APPLICATION NOTEVERSION: 1.0. JANUARY 2017{}Mark Doring. Titian Software Ltd Mosaic Sample Management is Titian Software’s comprehensive, customisable, modular software product to control and monitor all aspects of sample storage, preparation and delivery. From small biotech to global pharma, Mosaic helps to provide a seamless, error-free sample supply chain and audit trail. Mosaic Sample Management is a tailored solution for all sample management requirements, configured through expert consulting services.Mosaic SampleBankTM and Mosaic FreezerManagement are Mosaic packages, optimised and pre-configured for rapid deployment: yFreezerManagement keeps track of samples in freezers and provides a comprehensive audit trail as samples are accessed and aliquoted. ySampleBank provides full inventory tracking capabilities coupled with sample ordering and workflow management in a simple package. It offers seamless sta...