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- Page 1 of 10 -Imua Landscaping Co. Inc. 96-1272 Waihona St. #12Pearl City, HI 96782Ph. (808) 456-1930Lic.# C-1283Kukaniloko The following Arborist Report was requested by The Office of Hawaiian Affairs regarding the structural integrity and health of specified trees and to make recommendations for pruning instructions and pruning schedules of said trees. All of the trees were visually inspected from the ground both from a distance and near the base of the trees. At the time of inspection, all of the trees appear to be healthy and growing vigorously. Pruning Recommendations 20 Eucalyptus: I recommend removing all dead branches and inspecting the canopies for damaged or weak branches. If a defect is found that may result in branch or trunk failure, then the branch should be removed back to another limb that is at least 1/3 the diameter of the limb that is to be removed (drop-crotched) or back to the branch collar near the main trunk. If a limb is too long, it should be drop-crotched to...