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Why Should You Choose In the English Landscape?• You’ll explore interrelationships of the land, people, religion, the arts and economics, • Its thoroughly interdisciplinary, and you’ll also,• Experience and explore historical and contemporary “sense of place,”• Explore a primary foundation of American culture,• Connect to a diff erent culture without necessitating a second language,• Enjoy cosmopolitan London, one of the world’s most interesting cities,• Meet real Englishmen (and women) in small town England and share their lifestyle.• And in your free time, you’ll have fun with . . . ???HIST, HORT, LA 45000 is a 3 credit course off ered by:Department of HistoryDepartment of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture In the English LandscapeAn Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Exploration of the Land and Landscape Arts Within the Historical Context of Religion, Economics and Culture.May 18 - June 11, 2020 ~ Three-plus weeks of experiential living and learning in London, the West County, and ...