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Quick Start In This Guide: Installing DynaScape 2Getting Help 3 Getting Acquainted 4Drawing Exercise: 8•Fence9•Patio10•Plant Bed11•Inserting Figures12 •Labeling15•Title Block & Border16•Plant Images17•Plant Material List18•Plant Picture Catalogue20•Printing21Quick Reference 22Frequently Asked Questions 26The Learning Centre 27DynaScape Products 28 2 DynaSCAPE Software Welcome to DynaScape!This Quick Start guide will show you how to get started quickly with DS|Design, perform the basic tasks you need to create a simple design and help you understand how this software can help you build your business. More information about the software can be found in the Training videos in the PDF that accompanies the software and the DS|Design User’s Guide. You can also download an electronic version of the DS|Design User’s Guide from our Website: www.dynascape.com/downloads. Installation Important: Before you start, check you computer to ensure it meets the system requirements: System Requirements: ...