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Inclusive Business Landscaping Series: Colombia1Inclusive Business Landscaping SeriesColombia 2PrefaceThis report was written by Jenny Melo and Teresa Magdalena in January 2015 for the Inclusive Business Action Network (IBAN) to identify and describe the inclusive business landscape of Colombia. Originally it was part of a study that covered both Colombia and Mexico. This report is part of a series of several country studies that IBAN published in order to share the findings. The series is edited by Ashley Insight. This study is part of an ‘Inclusive Business Landscaping Series’ published by the Inclusive Business Action Network. The objective of the series is to identify and describe the inclusive business landscapes and explore the potential for further inclusive business growth in selected developing countries. You can find more publications on inclusive business on www.searchinclusivebusiness.org.The Inclusive Business Action Network (IBAN) is a multi- stakeholder network promoting...