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Piekos AppraisalsABC123CONV_1073_DEMO930 Main St20XAnytownIL605XXBuynit, ImaCU LaterDuPageUnit 20X in Acadia on the Green Building 209-08-330-XXX20167,358Acadia on the Green2169748449.010372XYZ Financial Inc.123 Main Street, Anywhere, IL 605XXDOM 5;MRED MLS #0965081X. Subject was listed for $374,999 through the local multiple listing service on 06/06/17 and sold on 06/11/17 in multiple bidding for 97% of list price after a marketing time of 5 days. Arms length sale;The purchase agreement appears to be market driven with no positive or negative terms other than those typical in the marketplace. No seller concessions were involved. 365,00006/11/2017Public records$0;;3746497045358051050Neighborhood is comprised of mixed use zoning. Boundaries are roughly I-88 north, Fairview Ave east, 75th St south, Belmont Ave west.Subject is located in a mixed residential use neighborhood comprised of attached and detached semi-custom built homes of average to good construction. Most all the homes proje...