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Pocket Tax BookIndonesian2021Tax Services Corporate Income Tax 1Tax rates; Tax residence; Tax payments; Business profits; Taxation on certain offshore income; Controlled foreign companies; Capital allowances; Disallowed deductions; Debt to Equity Ratio; Losses; Profit distributions; Deemed profit margins; Special industries and activities; Transfer Pricing; Income Tax on e-commerce and Electronic Transaction TaxIndividual Income Tax 17Normal tax rates; Concessional tax rates; Main Personal Relief; Taxresidence; Registration and filing; Tax payments; Benefits-in-kind (BIKs);Social security system Withholding Taxes 26General; Articles 21, 22, 4(2), 23 and 26 income taxesInternational Tax Agreements 35Double Taxation Agreements; Tax Information Exchange Agreements;Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters; Multilateral Instrument;US FATCA Value Added Tax 47General; VAT on e-commerce; VAT exemption facilities; VAT not-collected facilities Luxury-goods Sales Tax 60Customs and Excise 6...