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About the Artist:Mechanics and motion have always fascinated me. During college I studied physics, engineering and chemistry to further my understanding of how things worked. I graduated with a degree in physics from Boston University in 1974. This intuitive understanding of motion and mechanics combined with the artistic influences of my wife, Marji, led me to the creation of kinetic sculptures. In 1975 we started “Wood That Works” and I became a full time sculptor. Since then I have designed and handcrafted over 150 different limited edition and one-of-a-kind kinetic sculptures. I have exhibited in numerous juried, invitational and group events. My work is displayed in galleries and private collections around the world. I currently maintain a studio in rural northeastern Connecticut.David C. RoyInfinity • Directions Kinetic Sculpture by David C. Roy ©2016 To the Owner...Hello, Welcome to the world of Wood That Works. This Infinity is number ______ out of a possible 95 pieces. It was ...