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Integrated transportA new generation of interchangeswww.bettertransport.org.uk 32www.bettertransport.org.ukwww.bettertransport.org.ukExecutive summaryContentsTransport networks should be efficient, affordable, accessible and comprehensive. Good modal interchanges are central to creating such networks. That much of the country lacks such systems is the result of disjointed and reductive transport planning and investment. Despite in-principle support and a number of small national initiatives, there has been a widespread and ongoing failure to link transport networks and modes. The resulting over-reliance on cars is engendering negative social, economic and environmental ramifications. These consequences unfairly disadvantage those who do not have a car and lead to perverse spending decisions to address the resulting congestion. We need a better way forward. This report makes the case for a new generation of transport interchanges. Taking account of technological, administrative and soci...