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MASKUS.DOC 4/16/2001 4:33 PM 457 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CHALLENGES FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: AN ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVE Keith E. Maskus* The global Intellectual Property system currently is undergoing substantial expansion and modernization, largely through implemen-tation of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). The TRIPS agreement envisions signifi-cantly stronger protection for intellectual property rights, investments in regulatory agencies to enforce these rights, and more consistent re-gimes of protection across international borders. An important eco-nomic question is the likely impact of these changes on developing nations. The issues involved in analyzing the role of intellectual property rights in promoting economic development and growth are extremely complex. Many of the relevant concepts are difficult to measure. Expanded intellectual property regimes also have numer-ous, often contradictory impacts on a nation’s development. Despite t...