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International Journal Of Computer Science And Applications Vol. 6, No.2, Apr 2013 ISSN: 0974-1011 (Open Access) Available at: www.researchpublications.org NCAICN-2013, PRMITR,Badnera 197 INTELLIGENT PUBLIC TRANSPORT PREDICTION SYSTEM using WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK Dr. Mrs. R. D. Raut Associate Professor AE, Head, C.I.C Research & I.M.F S.G.B. Amaravati University Amravati, India (MS) [email protected] Abhishek D. Raut Third year BE E&TC, PRMIT&R Badnera Engg College, Amravati [email protected] Aakanksha G. Ambulkar Final year BE E&TC, SKNCOE, Pune [email protected] Abstract - A suitable and systematic intelligent public transport system plays a key role in financial sector of a country. But IPTS, in most of the developing countries is not running appropriately because of financial issues for enhancing technologies and deficient in systematic planning. Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is an emerging technology and has vast potential to be utilized in vital circumst...