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1Bennett, Milton, J. (1998). Intercultural communication: A current perspective. In Milton J. Bennett (Ed.),Basic concepts of intercultural communication: Selected readings. Yarmouth, ME: Intercultural Press.Intercultural Communication: A Current PerspectiveMilton J. BennettThe study of intercultural communication has tried to answer the question, “How do people understand oneanother when they do not share a common cultural experience?” Just a few decades ago, this question wasone faced mainly by diplomats, expatriates, and the occasional international traveler. Today, living inmulticultural societies within a global village, we all face the question every day. We now realize that issuesof intercultural understanding are embedded in other complex questions: What kind of communication isneeded by a pluralistic society to be both culturally diverse and unified in common goals? How doescommunication contribute to creating a climate of respect, not just tolerance, for diversity? The new vi...