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CURRICULUM GUIDE 2022-2023 INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION Certificate of Accomplishment in Intercultural Communication INTEREST AREA: SOCIAL SCIENCES This certificate provides students with intercultural communication competence for business and personal relationships. Requirements for Certificate of Accomplishment a) Complete satisfactorily the courses listed for the particular certificate. b) Complete at least 50% of the required units at Ohlone College. c) Maintain a 2.0 grade point average. Student Learning Outcomes 1. Describe and analyze the symbolic nature of communication and how it creates individual, group, and cultural reality. 2. Utilize theories from both communication and social science to understand verbal and nonverbal communication in intercultural contexts. 3. Enhance intercultural communication competence through reflective thought about culture, communication, power, and context. Units COMM-113 Interpersonal Communication OR 3.0 COMM-118 Gender, Sexual Identity, and Co...