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Intercultural Communication Studies XXIV(2) 201561Intercultural Communication Competence and Acculturation among International Students in Central ChinaFlemmings Fishani Ngwira & Harold Wilson Tumwitike MapomaUniversity of Malawi, MalawiJianzhong HongLappeenranta University of Technology, Finland Sunawan SariyoSemarang State University, Indonesia Wellman KondoweMzuzu University, Malawi1. IntroductionSince the government of the People’s Republic of China began an open door policy in 1978, increasing numbers of international students have been entering China (Ministry of Education, 2009). By 2012, the number of international students studying in China reached over 328,000 (Ministry of Education, 2013), and coupled with the government’s target of reaching over 500,000 international students by the year 2020 (Ministry of Education, 2010), the number of international students is expected to continue increasing each year. However, there is no available literature on their level of intercultu...