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a c t a u n i v e r s i t a t i s n i c o l a i c o p e r n i c iDOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/AUNC_ZARZ.2016.030 ZARZĄDZANIE XLIII – NR 3 (2016)Pierwsza wersja złożona 10.03.2016 ISSN (print) 1689-8966 Ostatnia wersja zaakceptowana 21.05.2016 ISSN (online) 2450-7040Patrycja Gulak-Lipka∗INTERCULTURAL MANAGEMENT ON THE BASIS OF A SPORTS CLUBA b s t r a c t: In the era of globalization, one increasingly finds oneself in a situation of having to work with representatives of various cultures. A person does not always have an impact on the choice of co-workers, but in order to arrange the relationship correctly it is necessary to know and respect cultural differences. In sport, the effect of globalization is very visible because the coverage of sport knows no bounds. In Poland, it manifests itself in a much greater amount and variety of foreigners em-ployed in Polish clubs. Lack of awareness of cultural differences, insufficient prepa-ration, general ignorance, and at the same time very ...