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Did you know?Hofstra University Library Special Collections1Interesting Facts about Select Hofstra BuildingsThis exhibit features historical facts, statistics, photographs and miscellaneous pieces of information about buildings on the Hofstra campus. Date constructed:1967Dedication date: October 22, 1987Architect:Warner, Burns, Toan& LundeNamed for: Trustee Donald E. and his wife, Joan AxinnDid you know?The library won four design awards from 1966-1968 including the American Institute of Architects award, the NY State Association of Architects award, the Long Island Association of Commerce and Industry award and the Concrete Industry Board award. When it was first built, the buildings’ two wings were only one story tall. The library was featured in a 1977 Batmancomic drawn by Hofstra alum, Robert Rozakis.Joan & Donald E. AxinnLibrary Hofstra University Library Special Collections2StatisticsThe ten floors comprised 60,500 square feet when first constructed. Alterations to the 9th& 10thf...