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The Centre for Languages and Literature Spring 2013 Intermedial Performance Staging Anna Karenina in Tolstoy’s Novel and Wright’s Film Daria Chernysheva Literature-Culture-Media Literary Seminar ervisors eidr n F hrer ohanna ind ladh 2 First and foremost, I want to dedicate this thesis to my parents, Elena and Sergey, who have passionately supported me for more than twenty-four years and who are absolute role models for me. I also want to dedicate this work to Andreas, the most loving and caring fiancé ever, and my grandfather, Anatoly, who is a constant inspiration to me. 3 Abstract In the following thesis Anna Karenina, the novel by Lev Tolstoy and the literary film adaptation by Joe Wright, are discussed. The theatricalization of the upper class society in the novel was developed in the film narrative, and became a key for the analyses. The diegetic disco rse of Wright’s new film appeared as an inspiration to re-inverstigate Anna’s character and her microcosm. As a result, my interp...