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International borders continue to hindercross-border cooperation1 April 2020 Credit: CC0 Public DomainCross-border regions have great potential forcooperation, yet very few border regions areintegrated, a new study from the University ofEastern Finland shows. Conducted by Dr.Francesco Cappellano and Professor TeemuMakkonen at the University of Eastern Finland'sKarelian Institute, the study sheds light on the factthat although there is plenty of talk aboutpromoting integration in cross-border regions, thereality is very different. In the border region ofCascadia that connects Seattle in the US withVancouver in Canada, economic cooperation hasbeen modest despite local decision-makers' highregard of it. The region has a long history ofinitiatives geared towards supporting cross-bordercooperation, but visible results remain few and farbetween. Published in Planning Practice & Research, thestudy was carried out within the Cross-BorderFellowship program funded by the WesternWashington Univer...