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April 1967 INTERNATIONAL POLICE ACADEMY REV. INAl JUSTICE REFERENCE ~:: INfORMATION CH~"iER UNIVERSITY OF WISCOI'!SIN LAW SCHOOL OFFICE OF PUBLIC SAFETY MADISON, WIS. 53106 AGENCY· FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Director's Message ... The response to the initial issue of the International Police Academy Review has been most gratifying. The launching of any new publica-tion is accompanied by some trepi-dation as to its reception and the meeting of its objectives, but reports from readers both at home and from the field have been complimentary and reflect a burgeoning interest in the magazine. In Issue No. 1 we described the Academy and its purpose in order to bring up-to-date news of its progress to those par-ticipants who received their U.S. training prior to its creation or who contributed so valuably to its fledgling growth. With the current issue we are featuring articles written by former participants about interesting activities of their own departments. Our lead article concerns t...