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Interpersonal Communication andTranscript - ML502 Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management© 2019 Our Daily Bread University. All rights reserved.1 of 11LESSON 01 of 24ML502The Importance of Interpersonal Relations and CommunicationInterpersonal Communication andConflict ManagementThe history of management science might well be told as a history of the study of role conflict between the individual and the institution, the person and the organization. Down through the years, different terminologies have been employed to describe this phenomenon and to the leadership style or styles related to it; perhaps the most common of the terms nomothetic, which means “institution oriented” or idiographic, which means “individual oriented.”Respectively, the styles have been identified as effectiveness or efficiency, producing a product or distributing satisfiers, authority or control, initiating structure or consideration, task achievement or individual need meeting, and a host of others....